A Lament

Posted: December 18, 2010 in Love

Oh my dear Sweet Lover,

I love you but its sometimes hard to express,

And thy perceive  i dont love u and u are depress;

Have it ever occurred to thy, Lover

that the pain thy feel seeing me with some people also happens to me;

But Honey I Love You and Trust you,

But do u too trust me?

Thou say i am a gal and should behave thyself

But does it occur to thou, my Love, that  i am a human too;

Oh sweet Love, life is short and meant not last,

Will thou not move above these petty things?

Will thou not understand me?

Will thou not give me unconditional love?

Indian Marriage

Posted: December 18, 2010 in Indian Marriage

Hello everyone.Back to blogging again after such a long break.Today i am feeling so terrible seeing the condition of Indian girls torn between different cultures and restrictions.Restrictions of parents,restrictions of your boyfriend,restrictions of your husband and then restrictions of your in-laws.Feel like i should write something about it.Why in India the 2nd largest growing country, a girl has to hear from his boyfriend “Oh! but you have to start thinking  more about my family now because its you who is going to marry into my family not me”.Can we say that to a guy?Is this what Indian marriage is then?Well as far as i knew and read is that marriage is a union of two souls and families,then why is that always the girls had to take shit from everyone.Why in India that a girl after being brought up with such a care and love from her parents you are suddenly told that this is not your family now. Are we some objects to be pass over from one family to another with no identity of ourself. If a girl dare to say all these then they are tagged as a feminist, trying to be too western. Is it so? Ask yourself.

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Just feel like sharing a song. Hope u all like it, especially the gals.

My last month in NIT Hamipur

Posted: April 15, 2010 in NIT Hamirpur

Just feel like writing something but don’t know what. Its not that nothing is happening in my life. The last few days had been a roller coaster ride for me. Not just me but all the inhabitants of PGH and also the NIT Hamirpur students. Something is definitely going wrong here, don’t know what but everyone is saying that our college is hexed. All the incidents and deaths occurring back to back during the last few weeks were horrifying and unheard of. Even the situation now in college is grim. Don’t know why its happening, that too in our final yr, final semester, final month. Never had imagine we would be witnesses  to such a catastrophe in the history of NIT Hamirpur. Hope the remaining days of our stay in college goes fine, peaceful and may god keep the all the students especially final year students away from harm, danger, fines and BODs. Amen.

Growing terrorism in Indian soil

Posted: March 30, 2010 in India

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 Moscow metro twin blasts. Security agency blames Islamist insurgents. This is not a new terror; it is just an addition to the age old war of Islamist against all other religion. It is the right time that all sufferers  must wake up to this terror and understand the real motive behind the propaganda being played by the Islamist on the name of jihad. I would like the people all over the world to stop fighting among themselves and must unite together to defeat the one and only real problem the world is facing right now, the Islamist militants and the jihadis. Please go to the link given below and read about the real problem that we are facing now. The problem is even the common muslims don’t know the real truth behind it and they are being victimize. The suicide bombers are always the commom uneducated people who fall prey to this mullahs and people like Osama bin Laden; never even think of questioning. They are easily being brain washed or otherwise does it for money for their families. India is the victim of the Islamist insurgents even before the creation of Pakistan. India must take a strong stand to this terrorist activities from other countries. What is the use of trail of Kasab( the lonely surviving terrorist of the 26/11 mumbai attack)? Whereas 17 Indians get death sentence in UAE for killing a Pakistani man. While in broad daylight, before every Indians and the World these terrorists had shameless killed uncountable no of people. Does I have any thing more to say? It is just a pointless wastage of Indian money and precious time of Indian courts. Not only this;some place in India is the new breeding ground of this new terror trend of Islamist terrorists. There are some places where you can see Pakistani flag flying boldly whereas it such a shame to say that i have never seen a place in India other than governmental bodies flying our national flag. It is just our government and administration’s lame nature that they never advertised that now the law had been amended regarding the hoisting of our national flag. Common people are just unaware. And regarding the Andhra Pradesh government’s decision to have 4% reservation for muslims; arguing that they are backward muslims. India should never let this happen, being a secular country no discrimination should be there on the basis of religion. If these muslim communities are backward then they should be included in the reserved groups like SC/ST/OBC. There is no point of passing such a law because in India muslim is not a minority. Also the growing immigrants from Bangladesh into India is a strategy of this Islamist insurgents to make them dominant in India. The government has always turned a deaf ear and blind eyes towards this problem. And that day will not be too far when Bangladesh will be asking for North-East India and West Bengal. We Indians will be fighting among themselves and they will stab us from back and take over. The history has shown us this and we should learned from it but not repeat it. The Mughals took over India when our Raja and Maharajas were busy fighting among themselves. So give a damn to this Shiv Sena, Anti-Christians in Orissa, Inter state conflicts; now is the time for the Indians to rise and unite together with the world, to face and fight this terror- Universal Jihad and Islamist  insurgents. God be with us. JAI HIND

Earth Hour

Posted: March 27, 2010 in Earth Hour Day, India

Hello there.Yesterday was the Earth Hour day observed b/w 8:30 to 9:30 including our campus(NIT Hamirpur).It is just a step to prevent the Doom’s day or the Apocalypse that we are facing in near future.
Last yr in our campus it was total darkness on the earth hr day, felt like back old days no electricity, no noise.Some people may say what a bullshit; how can people wish a day like that but trust me it feels really good.Finally u get a break from your hectic schedule (in engineering students’ case endless net browsing,downloading etc etc) and can have a little chat over hot topics with friends.I remember the fine old days of my childhood when there was timely power cuts during nights especially during summers.Me and my sis were always so eagerly waiting for that moments so that we could have a break from our studies and have a little chat with neighbours and a little walk in our colony.It was always refreshing and fun.But due to the advancement of human race they don’t even have time to say hello to neighbours, our have a chat even with their kids.So all i want to say is stop rushing ,at least give just an hour for our mother earth.Is it so difficult??knowing that the consequences we are going to face ??The global warming, the exhaustion of natural resources leading to wars, contamination of drinking water, the rising level of sea water and many more.Can’t we even think about saving our earth for our next generation or at least think of preventing it.Many of my known people were unaware of this earth hr day.So its my personal appeal to them and the inhabitants of mother earth to observe it next yr or at least aware others about this because its only us who can prevent what we have created for ourselves.Our future is in our hands and ours only.Sometime i wish that a day should come like in movie “The day the Earth stood still”.

hiii hello there

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hello everyone..new to blogging..hope to make a blast..“PEN is mightier than SWORD”